Program Overview

Our goal is to strengthen the research pipeline by enhancing the IRTI and increasing the number of independently funded Hispanic investigators that have gone underrepresented in biomedical, behavioral and clinical substance abuse and addiction research. Specifically, this effort is aimed at pursuing the following goals: (1) enhancing trainees knowledge and skills related to conducting substance abuse and addiction research; (2) increasing the number of underrepresented Hispanic investigators who establish vibrant and independent programs of substance abuse research, (3) increasing the amount and quality of research on minority health and health disparities; and (4) improving the health of minorities in part by decreasing minority health disparities. The aims of the eIRTI focus on training, mentoring, and networking :

  • Provide an educational training opportunity to enhance the research experiences and skills for conducting Hispanic substance abuse research and developing applications for NIH funding among 6 pre-doctoral, postdoctoral and early career investigators (i.e. fellows or trainees) per year through the course of the program with the implementation of a 7-day intensive summer research training program.
  • Execute a mentoring plan (Tri-Mentoring) structured around a team of interdisciplinary senior faculty mentors and the IRTI alumni peer mentors accessible and available to provide selected fellows with focused mentoring and continued support.
  • Provide a networking structure and process that will assist fellows in building and maintaining relationships and communication with leading experts in the field of Hispanic substance abuse research and fellow peers.