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The institute is supported by grant R25DA050687 from the National Institute of Health. We gratefully acknowledge the support of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA), National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), the National Hispanic Science Network, and the University of Southern California.

Welcome to the eIRTI

The Enhanced Interdisciplinary Research Training Institute (eIRTI) promotes the career development of pre-doctoral, post-doctoral and early career scientists interested in conducting research on substance abuse as it affects Hispanics. The eIRTI builds upon nine years of successful development and implementation of the research education program, IRTI. While substance abuse in the United States continues to have a disproportionate impact on ethnic minorities, particularly Hispanics, the number of researchers studying the problem remains relatively small. Moreover, few training and research centers exist that focus on current drug abuse issues among Hispanic populations.

This comprehensive and coordinated effort has focused on providing research experience and increasing the skills required for the preparation and submission of research applications for NIH extramural funding. The institute provides three core activities to research fellows: training, tri-mentoring and networking. Visit the program overview page to learn more.

As the institutional home for the eIRTI, USC welcomes you as the next generation of substance researchers and the field looks towards your future leadership and innovation.


We congratulate Dr. Melissa Ertl ’22 on her Assistant Professor position at the University of Minnesota! Click here to read more about Melissa.

We congratulate Dr. Anel Jaramillo ’21 on her K01 award! Click here to read more about Anel.

We congratulate Dr. Manny Ocasio ’17 on his K01 award! Click here to read more about Manny.

We congratulate Dr. Argentina Servin ’13 on her R01 award! Click here to read more about Argentina.

We congratulate Dr. Cho-Hee Shrader ’20 on her F31 award! Click here to read more about Cho-Hee.

Congratulations to Jessica Frankeberger ’20 on her F31 award! Click here to learn more about Jessica.

Congratulations to Dr. Angela Bazzi ’10 on her R01 award! To learn more about Dr. Bazzi, click here.

Congratulations to Dr. Elma Lorenzo-Blanco ’16 on her K01 award! To learn more about Dr. Lorenzo-Blanco, click here.

Congratulations to Dr. Miguel Pinedo ’16 on his R01 award! To learn more about Dr. Pinedo, click here.