The eIRTI program follows a Tri-Mentoring Approach. During the 2 year fellowship, mentees will receive:

  1. eIRTI Senior Mentor: IRTI fellows will establish a Mentorship Agreement with their senior mentor.  The Mentorship Agreement outlines the mutual obligations and tasks that each participant aims to accomplish during the coming academic year.
  2. eIRTI Alumni Peer Mentoring: Participating fellows will have access to this extensive network of alumni with the insights, experience and research skills that are important in navigating academic careers and the pathways towards becoming an independent NIH investigator. IRTI alumni peer mentoring activities will focus on guiding and assisting the fellows in:
    • NIH Research Funding
    • Academic Career Success
    • Work/Life Balance
  3. Home Institution Mentor: The program formally integrates the mentee’s home institution mentor into the program (if applicable). That is, if a fellow reports having a mentor at his/her institution, the eIRTI will send a formal notification of the fellow’s acceptance into the program, identifying the selected eIRTI mentor and the proposed individualized plan. In addition, the eIRTI will regularly update the institutional mentor regarding the fellow’s success during the course of their fellowship. We expect that this will eliminate any conflicting expectations with projected career plans that the fellow may encounter at their home institution.

These outcomes will be facilitated through various types of support provided by the eIRTI.
  • Mentor Commitment for the duration of the fellowship
  • Travel to Mentor Institution
  • E-mentoring technology
  • eIRTI Annual Mentoring Meeting

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