Faculty Mentors

Nancy Gonzales, PhD

Associate Dean and Professor
Department of Psychology
Arizona State University

Dr. Nancy Gonzales is the Women and Philanthropy Dean’s Distinguished Professor and Associate Dean of Faculty in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Arizona State University. Her primary research interests focus on cultural and contextual influences on adolescent mental health. Her work includes research on the role of neighborhood disadvantage and acculturation on children’s mental health and on how these influences are mediated or moderated by family processes within Mexican American and African American families. She also is involved in the development and evaluation of culturally sensitive interventions for Mexican American and African American families.

Selected Publications:
Mauricio, A. M., Tein, J. Y., Gonzales, N. A., Millsap, R. E., & Dumka, L. E. (2016). Attendance Patterns and Links to Non-Response on Child Report of Internalizing among Mexican-Americans Randomized to a Universal Preventive Intervention. Prevention Science, 1-11.

Roubinov, D. S., Luecken, L. J., Gonzales, N. A., & Crnic, K. A. (2016). Father involvement in Mexican-origin families: Preliminary development of a culturally informed measure. Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology22(2), 277.

Jewell, S. L., Luecken, L. J., Gress-Smith, J., Crnic, K. A., & Gonzales, N. A. (2015). Economic stress and cortisol among postpartum low-income Mexican American women: buffering influence of family support. Behavioral Medicine41(3), 138-144.