Faculty Mentors

José Bauermeister, PhD, MPH

Presidential Associate Professor of Nursing, Director of Technology & HIV Disparities Scientific Working Group, Senior Fellow at Penn Center for Public Health Initiatives 
Family and Community Health
University of Pennsylvania 

Dr. Bauermeister is the 10th Penn Presidential Professor at the University of Pennsylvania, where he directs the Program on Sexuality, Technology and Action Research (PSTAR) at the School of Nursing and the Technology & HIV Disparities Scientific Working Group for the Penn Center for AIDS Research. Dr. Bauermeister’s research focuses on developing health promotion programs for vulnerable populations using interdisciplinary, technology-assisted approaches. Across over 165 scientific publications, Dr. Bauermeister’s work has focused on HIV/STI prevention and care among high-risk adolescents and young adults, including young gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men (YGBMSM); perinatally HIV-infected and HIV-affected youth; and racial/ethnic minorities living in urban centers. Given his expertise, Dr. Bauermeister serves in the Editorial Boards of the Journal of Youth & Adolescence, Archives of Sexual Behavior, AIDS and Behavior, Journal of Community Psychology, and American Journal of Community Psychology.

In his current research, Dr. Bauermeister is developing and testing several multilevel interventions to reduce HIV/STI risk and psychosocial vulnerability among sexual and gender minority youth across the United States. Several of these projects include several technology-driven HIV/STI prevention and care interventions for young gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men.

Selected Publications:
Bauermeister, J. A.
, Pingel, E. S., Sirdenis, T. K., Andrzejewski, J., Gillard, G., Harper, G. W., & Michigan Forward in Enhancing Research and Community Equity (MFierce) Coalition. (2017). Ensuring community participation during program planning: Lessons learned during the development of a HIV/STI program for young sexual and gender minorities. American journal of community psychology60(1-2), 215-228.

Bauermeister, J.A., Connochie, D., Jadwin-Cakmak, L. & Meanley, S. (2017). Gender policing during childhood and the psychological well-being of young adult sexual minority men in the United States. American Journal of Men’s Health, 11(3), 693-701

Bauermeister, J.A., Connochie, D., Eaton, L., Demers, M., & Stephenson, R. (2017). Geospatial indicators of space and place: A review of multilevel studies of HIV prevention and care outcomes among young men who have sex with men in the United States. Journal of Sex Research: Annual Review of Sex Research54(4-5), 446-464.