Faculty Mentors

Hortensia Amaro, PhD

Dean’s Professor and Associate Vice Provost of Community Research Initiatives
School of Social Work and Preventative Medicine
University of Southern California

Dr. Hortensia Amaro is the Dean’s Professor in the School of Social Work and Department of Preventive Medicine and the Associate Vice Provost of Community Research Initiatives at the University of Southern California. Dr. Amaro has dramatically advanced the understanding of substance abuse disorder treatment, HIV prevention and other urgent public health challenges through a distinguished career that has spanned scholarly research, translation of science to practice, top-level policy consultation and service on four Institute of Medicine committees. She has authored more than 130 scholarly publications, many widely-cited, and she has made landmark contributions to improving behavioral health care in community-based organizations by launching addiction treatment programs that have informed practice in agencies around the world.

Selected Publications:
Bazzi, A. R., Syvertsen, J. L., Rolón, M. L., Martinez, G., Rangel, G., Vera, A., Amaro, H., … & Strathdee, S. A. (2016). Social and Structural Challenges to Drug Cessation Among Couples in Northern Mexico: Implications for Drug Treatment in Underserved Communities. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment61, 26-33.

Syvertsen, J. L., Bazzi, A. R., Martinez, G., Rangel, M. G., Ulibarri, M. D., Fergus, K. B., Amaro, H. & Strathdee, S. A. (2015). Love, trust, and HIV risk among female sex workers and their intimate male partners. American Journal of Public Health105(8), 1667-1674.

Amaro, H., Spear, S., Vallejo, Z., Conron, K., & Black, D. S. (2014). Feasibility, acceptability, and preliminary outcomes of a mindfulness-based relapse prevention intervention for culturally-diverse, low-income women in substance use disorder treatment. Substance Use & Misuse49(5), 547-559.