Faculty Mentors

Edward Castañeda, PhD

Professor & Department Chair
Psychology Department

University of Texas El Paso

Dr. Edward Castañeda’s research seeks to understand two questions about neuroplasticity in presynaptic regulation of dopamine release: 1) as an underlying determinant for sparing and recovery of behavioral function in an animal model of Parkinson’s disease and 2) as the basis for sensitization to stimulant drug discriminant cues that may contribute to drug addiction and craving. His research integrates behavioral approaches with neurochemistry, anatomy, and pharmacology of mesotelencephalic dopamine pathways. His contributions have helped to expand the representation of underrepresented populations in the neurosciences by taking active roles in community, academic, state and federal programs. Dr. Castaneda has served as PI for the NIH/NIDA UTEP Vulnerability Issues In Drug Abuse research-training program. In this role, he provides oversight to a 3-college multidisciplinary project that investigates the relationship between drug abuse vulnerability and cultural factors, socioeconomic challenges, and neurobiological mechanisms. He has received recognition for his mentoring contributions from the National Hispanic Science Network on Drug Abuse and the Arizona Association of Chicanos for Higher Education.

Selected Publications:
D’Arcy, C., Luevano, J. E., Miranda-Arango, M., Pipkin, J. A., Jackson, J. A., Castañeda, E., … & O’Dell, L. E. (2016). Extended access to methamphetamine self-administration up-regulates dopamine transporter levels 72 hours after withdrawal in rats. Behavioral Brain Research296, 125-128.

Carcoba, L. M., Orfila, J. E., Natividad, L. A., Torres, O. V., Pipkin, J. A., Ferree, P. L., Castañeda, E.,.… & O’dell, L. E. (2014). Cholinergic transmission during nicotine withdrawal is influenced by age and pre-exposure to nicotine: Implications for teenage smoking. Developmental Neuroscience36(3-4), 347-355.

Trujillo, K. A., Castañeda, E., Martínez, D., & González, G. (2006). Biological research on drug abuse and addiction in Hispanics: Current status and future directions. Drug and Alcohol Dependence84, S17-S28.